Megaupload founder says the military and govt had thousands of accounts

Not only did Kanye West like Megaupload, so did the U.S. Military and the U.S. Government. They loved it so much, that the founder of Megaupload is now talking about it trying to clear his name saying that they had well over 15,000 accounts on the site that was taken down in January on a huge copyright indictment from the federal government.

According to Kim Dotcom the founder of Megaupload, in an interview with TorrentFreak, says that the military had 15,634 registered accounts with Megaupload. I find it kind of ironic that the same site that was taken down for being an illegal harbor for copyright infringement is the same site that so many military went to for personal use.

Nobody is saying they were doing anything illegal, but the irony is a bit thick. There were actually millions of users that used the site, in legitimate ways, and the EFF is trying to help those users retrieve their data.

In addition to the military having thousands of accounts, the government had many as well.

Megaupload discovered that a large number of Mega accounts are held by US government officials. Today, thanks to fresh information provided to TorrentFreak by Kim Dotcom, we can reveal more details.

From domains including,,,,,, and, the number of accounts held at Megaupload total 1058. Of these, 344 users went the extra mile and paid for premium access. Between them they uploaded 15,242 files – a total of 1,851,791 MB.

From domains including,,, and etc, a total of 15,634 are registered with Megaupload. Of these an impressive 10,223 people paid to upgrade to a premium Megaupload account and between them they uploaded 340,983 files – a total of 96,507,779 MB.

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