Surprise: Newspaper readership is in a severe decline

In an annual report from the State of the Media, it shows that audience growth in media consumption has gone up in every sector except print. Newspapers are actually down -4%. Obviously the winner here is the digital space, with online growth up 17.2%. Television is still hanging in there, with actual positive growth in 2011.

In the graphic below, Poynter shows just how much the web is dominating, which shouldn’t be a shock. It’s actually been projected that newspapers will be extinct in five years in the U.S.

The same trends are happening for television as well, which if the trends continue, eventually television will be in the same place as newspapers, although that is very hard to imagine. I would probably guess that in the future, there will be a mesh of online and television. The category of “online” and “TV” won’t exist separately in the future. It will be one, where both worlds co-exist. We see this now, with social media making it’s way into television sets across the world, and television shows moving online.

Right now we are in the “C Generation”, where we are connected digitally to everything, which is redefining how we consume news. Most of it is moving to mobile, which is the next frontier. Left in the wake of mobile devices and digitally connected televisions is print. Newspapers, magazines, and even books are all becoming a thing of the past.

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