Internet Explorer, the browser you loved to hate

Microsoft created a new video about how fantastic the latest version of Internet Explorer is, and I have to admit, it’s very funny. They really capture the essence of the past, where if you were like me, you seriously disliked IE; although I never uninstalled it off anyone’s computer. It’s a funny idea that I might have to pull on someone that doesn’t know any better now that I have seen this.

In the video shared by The Next Web, Microsoft called IE the “browser you loved to hate”, with the emphasis being in the past, and that you should now love the browser again since IE9 is that much of an improvement. They make some good points such as it’s faster, it’s more secure, and has some neat features such as pinning on Windows7, which you can’t do with other browsers. With those points, it’s certainly a step above the past. However, for myself in particular, why did I dislike IE so much in the past, and do these new features make it good enough for me to go back?

In the past, speed and security were an issue. I also like to write code to design. Writing code is fun, but when it came to IE, it was a hassle. IE is well known for horribly rendering code and users having to re-write entire code just to conform to IE. Basically, if you want your website to look nice, you have to write two separate pieces of code, one for IE and one for everyone else. That is the main reason why I have disliked IE, because even now, with IE9, the browser is not rendering modern coding correctly.

Let’s take a look at some other facts. IE9 doesn’t fully support HTML5 yet, and scores lowest on HTML5 test. IE9 doesn’t fully support CSS3 yet. IE9 has “pinning”, but where are all the add-ons - I’ll tell you, there are hardly any because they are barely supported. In addition, Microsoft is still losing a lot of ground to other more modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

So yes, IE9 is is “good now”, but is still light years away from other browsers. With that said, enjoy the funny video from Microsoft below.

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