After 244 years, Encyclopaedia Britannica will stop printing books

Encyclopaedia Britannica used to be the most renowned source to get information from great minds, where the information was vetted and was always of high quality. For 244 years, the Encyclopaedia Britannica set would print it’s books for reference. As a sign of the times, the printing of the encyclopedia’s is coming to an end.

In October of last year, the Encyclopaedia Britannica released their new iPad app, which was certainly a clue that the encyclopedia was moving to go digital, but at the time I didn’t realize the severity of the move. Now it’s clear, as printing books is no longer a demand as everything moves to the web. Plus with sites like Wikipedia and Google, and tablets like the iPad, it’s hard to compete when you have big, heavy and costly books.

Encyclopaedia Britannica also has their online site which they will further build on, plus their mobile apps; so although it maybe a sad change in the history of the Britannica and print books, the resources and information that they are so good at providing will continue on.

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