Shocker: Apple iOS drives majority of mobile traffic in the U.S.

comScore released their 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report, which is the first of an annual report that examines the mobile and connected device landscape and gives insights and projections for the following year based on this compiled information.

For the 2011 year, comScore’s report shows that Apple iOS dominated the market in the U.S., which may not be a surprise to many, but continues to show their true power in the mobile space. Android was almost half that of Apple, which both combined make up 92.5% of the entire mobile space.

Further breakdown by device shows iPad traffic represented 90.4% of all tablet traffic, and iPhone represented 37.7% of all mobile traffic.

Among iPhone and Android, Google Apps is the most visited app by both sets of users followed by Facebook, Yahoo! Weather, Pandora Radio and Angry Birds.

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