Create cinemagraphs in just a few easy steps with Cinemagram

Cinemagraphs are a hybrid of a photo and video combined into one animated image, with the animations typically being a very subtle animation in only one part of the image. For example, you might have wind blowing a flag around in an otherwise completely still photo or someone’s hair moving around.

Creating cinemagraphs can be a laborious process requiring photoshop and lots of patience, which many don’t have either. Lifehacker provided some easy steps on creating cinemagraphs in the past, but again it’s a long and somewhat complicated process.

Factyle, the creators of Smartr have made a new iPhone app that makes creating cinemagraphs very easy, and with many photos being snapped via the iPhone nowadays, being able to create cinemagraphs on your mobile device is a win all the way around.

The new iPhone app is called Cinemagram which you can download from iTunes for $1.99. After downloading, creating cinemagraphs has never been easier. All you do is film a short video, select a small area to animate and bam, you’re done. You can also add filters to the cinemagraphs to give them different looks, kind of like Instagram.

If you still aren’t sure what cinemagraphs are, Factyle has set up a Tumblr page displaying some of their favorite cinemagraphs made with the Cinemagram app. I also posted some of my favorite cinemagraphs that I have saved from years past that are just simply amazing. Enjoy.

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