Oh yeah, Star Wars iOS app yeah

I am channeling my inner Pauly D for my excitement here. Star Wars and Lucas Films have released their official iOS gaming app for iPhone and iPad. Although I am excited, it’s not the iOS game that I would have hoped for, but hey, it’s Star Wars.

The iOS game is based on Pit Droids, which are the droids from Tatooine that you would see before the pod races. In the game, you have the narrator Watto (the buzzard looking fellow), who you may remember as the junk dealer in Tatooine who needs you to guide the Pit Droids into the pits so they can be transported to the pod races safely.

The premise is that this is a puzzle game, with each level getting more difficult as you progress. The game is coming out now, to help hype the new Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D in theaters, which by the way should be pretty cool with it’s 3D special effects.

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