Tumblr Tuesday will soon will be Tumblr everyday

Every Tuesday of every week, since 2009, Tumblr has spotlighted a few blogs in a staff post as part of “Tumblr Tuesdays”. The point of Tumblr Tuesdays is to bring recognition to bloggers on the social blogging platform and highlight the interesting, fun and exciting blogs.

Since Tumblr essentially has skyrocketed in popularity in the past year and half and is flourishing, and now it is up to 43 million total blogs (users), highlighting blogs just one day of the week isn’t enough anymore. There are way too many good blogs out there to just pick out a few once every week.

The solution is simple. Jessica Bennett, a senior writer and editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast told the NY Times that Tumblr is going to begin hiring writers and editors to exclusively cover Tumblr and it’s content. Also part of the new content spotlight will be Chris Mohney, who will be the Editor in Chief.  Which by the way, Mohney is currently the Senior VP for content at BlackBook Media. If you want his job, he is looking for replacements. Bennett who will be the Executive Editor said

If Tumblr were a city of 42 million, I’m trying to figure out how we cover the ideas, themes and people who live in it. Tumblr is basically hiring a staff to celebrate creativity and innovation. How many companies can say that?

Currently Tumblr Tuesdays is part of the Tumblr Staff blog, but due to the new coverage and expansion that will migrate over to another dedicated area of Tumblr, which is not yet known though. Tumblr highlights bloggers in other ways as well, via the Explore discovery tool which lists popular posts by topics and also via the Tumblr Spotlight area, where blogs are covered by categories. Will all of this be rolled up into one arena to cover blogs on Tumblr? Again it’s still an open book, but expect in the near future as Tumblr takes advantage of all the great content to create a place to come and discover what your peers are blogging about.

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