Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg get immortalized

I am not sure what to think about this. Is this going to far? Or are our heroes of Superman and Spiderman being replaced with real life people we tend to idolize? I would have to say this makes me happy in a way to see every day people being immortalized in a somewhat heroic way to give our young kids someone to look up to and that is attainable.

Steve Jobs is getting his own “action figure" if you will (more like a Bobble head). And Mark Zuckerberg is actually being turned into a comic book hero! As if the movie The Social Network was not enough.  Also part of the comic book series will be turning it into an animated movie.

Maybe I am just jumping the gun a bit. The Steve Job’s figurine is more of a geeky desktop knickknack, which I am ok with.  But the Mark Zuckerberg whole series, movies, comics, animations, etc.  That seems to make it go over the top for me and both products being announced around the same time gives me this ‘too much’ feeling.  I really would like to know what you think? Is this too much?

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