The Samsung Smart TV with voice, motion control and facial recognition

Well, it appears I spoke too soon. Last night I was ranting a bit about how I don’t see anything lined up to use Kinect technology for television, in particular for TV remotes. Since it makes perfect sense, I figured it was bound to happen. I didn’t give CES a chance apparently because I just saw that Samsung has done exactly what I was described, but way better and way more awesome.

At the Samsung press conference, they announced the new Samsung Smart TV. The smart television is going to be the future of TV. It has several revolutionary components to it that will change the way we interact and use our televisions just like how Apple changed the way we use our phones with the iPhone.

Voice Control
Voice Control has been a hot topic most notably from the release of Siri. Samsung incorporates similar technolgy into the Smart TV so that users will be able to speak to their TV to control it, change channels and call up functions. I am still doubtful on this, as voice recognition software can be buggy and still needs a lot of fine tuning. But this is a big step forward.

Motion Control
This is the big one. This is what I was talking about last night. Samsung is using the same Kinect  motion sensor type of technology that will see your hand gestures and respond to it so you can change channels and interact with the television. Say goodbye to the TV remote. This my friends should be a game changer and the technology is way more advanced and less buggy and complicated than voice control.

Face Recognition
Using the same motion censor lens, the Smart TV will use Face Recognition software to detect who is watching the TV and call up apps and other information specifically for that person.

With those three components, the Smart TV is a huge improvement to the television industry. It of course will be connected to the web and has a good number of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Skype, Netflix that can be used. Also in the press conference Samsung said they are going to open up their API, so developers can build on the platform and create more apps. It’s really exciting and I am really looking forward to how this develops.

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