Congrats to Buzzfeed for raising a $15.5 million round of financing

I gotta give up to the guys over at Buzzfeed, as I just read they raised a whole load of cash in a new series of funding. The New York native meme and breaking news aggregation site has made some headlines lately, most recently with scoring Ben Smith of Politico. With this move, Buzzfeed is basically looking to do a small pivot from LOLcats and memes to breaking political news as well and covering a wider range of topics.

Buzzfeed has already been covering the 2012 election coverage very closely and breaking a lot of good news. With the new series of funding also brings some changes in ranks in the executive food chain with some moving and shaking from Huffington Post alumni. Do these new changes also indicate that Buzzfeed may eventually fall under the Aol-Huffington Post empire? 

Only time will tell but it’s certainly a possibility. In the interim, you can find me on Buzzfeed as well, as I tend to post some good stuff on there from time to time such as the H.R. 1981 bill which got just under 15k views or even the popular Social Media Propaganda Posters which was another hit with around 12k views.

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