Apple and Twitter seal the deal

Twitter announced that they have partnered with Apple’s Ping music network to integrate it into Twitterso Ping will have a more social experience for it’s users.

Starting today, you can sync your Ping account to your Twitter so when you post, like, review music in Ping it will be shared to Twitter. It’s an highly sought out feature that was expected much sooner for a “social” music network.

It has been argued that Ping once released, would dominate the social music market and take over from Myspace which has been King of Music among social networks for the past several years. Although Myspace has had a rough past 2-3 years and is currently working on a site re-launch, it has been pretty evident that Ping is not a contender with Myspace and is more of a niche closed social music network.

This new change integrating Twitter is an important one for Ping but I still feel they will not take over from Myspace unless Myspace’s site revamp goes south.  Myspace continues to have the resources and established market for music and artists. Within the Myspace platform currently and for some time now, you can already sell music through iTunes (ironically) and Amazon with TuneCore. Additionally Myspace is not secluded to one set of users as with Apple’s iTunes.  If you don’t have an Apple product, most likely you are not using Ping.

Here is a screen shot provided by Twitter of how the new integration will look.  What do you think?  Do you use Ping?  Or do you use Myspace for music discovery?

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