In protest of SOPA, Wikipedia may censor entire site

SOPA the Internet censorship bill veiled as an anti-piracy bill is at a critical stage. The House Judiciary Committee is probably going to make a decision this week on whether to pass it or not. If passed, it could have huge ramifications for anyone that publishes content across the web, including vloggers, bloggers and every day people that share things socially on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In a very bold move, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has posted a message to the Wikipedia community asking for input on whether or not to completely black out the Internet resource website that sees millions of visitors every day in direct protest of SOPA.

I personally use Wikipedia quite often, probably every day to cross-reference information for my own blog posts and work that I do. Not being able to access the site for myself and many others would be a big deal. And I fully support, as I do not support SOPA in it’s current state. The bill needs to be re-written and not passed as-is.

Wales was supposed to be attending a meeting at the White House with officials and other top Internet firms to discuss SOPA and the blackout of Wikipedia in protest.  Hopefully an online protest such as the blacking out of Wikipedia can help sway the decision of passing the SOPA bill.

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