Sec. of State Hillary Clinton: Internet Freedom is a human right

Yesterday at the Conference on Internet Freedom in the Netherlands, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered what I think to be an extremely powerful, clear, well spoken speech on Internet Freedom. It boils down to Internet accessibility and free speech being a human right to every person and not just to some. There is no place for Internet oppression, where dictators can oppress people by censoring the web.

This speech couldn’t come at a more crucial time. With PROTECT-IP and SOPA still on the table, Internet censorship and freedoms are at high risk for being taken away from us and kept out of the hands of the deserving. Clinton even went on to address these U.S. censorship issues saying “And let me be clear: The challenge of maintaining security and of combating cyber crime, such as the theft of intellectual property, are real — a point I underscore whenever I discuss these issues. Governments can address the problem without compromising the global network, its dynamism or our principles” [emphasis added].

At the end of her speech, Clinton gave an old American saying that everyone knows and understands, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and she went on to say “And there’s no good reason to replace an effective system with an oppressive one.”

The Conference on Internet Freedom is a two day event where members of the Council of Europe get together to discuss the protection and respect for human rights, rule of law and democracy on the Internet.

Full Transcript

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