A look at Apple’s website, from past to present

In modern design, less often times is more. Minimalism is finally making it’s mark and showing that simple and smart design will get you better results rather than being bombarded with clutter. Sean Nelson takes us back 15 years through all the versions of Apple’s website, since Apple is one of the leader’s in design and looked to by many for inspiration, to see how much their web designs have changed over the years.

Surprisingly outside of some changes early on, their website hasn’t changed drastically. You can see Apple has toyed with the Hero graphic (the Hero image is typically a large image on a sites landing page) a bit over the years, tweaking it and the menu.

However, you can see not much else has significantly changed except some color variations from white to black and such, some modernization, and updated coding of course. July 1996 May 1998 October 1999 February 2000 November 2000 November 2006 June 2007 August 2007 (guess black didn’t go over very well) January 2011 November 2011

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