Get inspiration to learn and create apps from this sixth grader

Most sixth graders are playing games, learning what they are taught in school and just enjoying life. Often times, there are children who exceed certain expectations. Thomas Suarez is one of them. Thomas gave a presentation last month at that TEDx on his experience so far creating apps for the Apple App Store. That’s right, he creates his own apps.

He says from a young age he has been fascinated with technology and that he wanted to learn how to make his own apps. So he started learning programming language and then got a lot of help once he discovered the iPhone software development kit. He created his first official app called Earth Fortune after getting his parents to pay the $99 App Store fee to distribute apps.

He then went on to create an app that become popular called Bustin Jieber; a whack-a-mole style game taking shots at Justin Bieber. After learning how to create apps and getting some experience, Thomas wanted to help his peers. He pondered, where can other kids go to learn how to create apps?

So he created his own app club, where he helps educate and innovate ideas on apps and smart devices and how they are all play a role with each other. I really commend Thomas for what he is doing. I think with our children, we shouldn’t be leaving them to fend for themselves as technology is advancing so rapidly. We should have more clubs like Thomas’ app store club where kids can go to learn how to code, have resources, develop and design for the future.


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