A bad sign: Google Plus referral traffic continues to drop

Has anyone that has been using Google Plus feel like their circle/friend stream and site interactions has gone down a bit? I can’t quantify the “feeling” I have other than noticing my posts on Google Plus seem to get less and less action.  I know I don’t post ground breaking stuff, but it’s not that bad where I’ve seen such a continual drop off of interaction.

Maybe there are less people using Google Plus or maybe the buzz is beginning to wear off a bit. I decided to check my Google Analytics to see what the referral stats are from Google Plus to my blog.

In the past when Plus first took off through early September or so, the referral stats were in the top ten and Google Plus probably was ranked about fifth in websites that referred traffic to my blog. As shown below, Google Plus referral traffic to my blog is now down to the last spot, number 10.  So it’s dropped considerably. Surprisingly, Myspace referral stats are higher than Google Plus.

So I thought, well maybe it’s just my posts and my content. So I checked Netmarket Share which is a leader in web analytics and they confirmed my concern. Google Plus referral traffic is way down and continues to go down each month.

Google Plus opened in July to a beta field test. But on September 20th, the site opened globally to the public. One would think, starting in September you would see a spike in referral traffic. On the contrary, through the end of October referral traffic has gone way down.

Site referral traffic isn’t the entire measurement when seeing if a site is successful, but it’s taken into consideration and when you see referral traffic continue to drop month after month it will certainly raise some eyebrows.

Have any of you using Google Plus noticed less interaction and usage on your profiles and in your stream?  Please comment below and let me know, thanks!

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