Mexican man decapitated for using social media to expose cartel

In another gruesome report, the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas is sending another clear and powerful message to those using social media to expose the cartel.

In the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo, a Mexican social media user with the handle “Rascatripas” (translated means “Scraper”) was tortured and then decapitated by the cartel for posting and moderating on the Mexican website Nuevo Laredo en Vivo which is used as a forum to help expose the dealings of the cartel.

A note was left on a blanket next to his bloodied body that says ”Hi I’m ‘Rascatripas’ and this happened to me because I didn’t understand I shouldn’t post things on social networks.” Also near his body written on the floor was a message that read “With this, I say goodbye to ‘Nuevo Laredo Live’ … always remember, never forget, my handle, ‘Rascatripas.’”

In September, Los Zetas killed two people for using social media to warn others about the cartel. A note was left at that scene that read similar. Just to forwarn you, the images below are very graphic of the beheading.  Images via Rubios News.

News of this is just horrifying and it’s difficult to tell others to continue on exposing these killers and drug dealers that are ruining the Mexican country and people when the cartels clearly have their own checking these social media outlets and going after ones they can get to and brutally murdering them.

But if nobody speaks out, the cartels win. It’s a hard situation to be around and I certainly understand if people don’t want to speak out. I can only hope that if you are going to speak out, be smart about it and try to remain as much anonymous as humanly possible.

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