BitShare gets syndicated for the Pulse News app

Last year, a new type of news reader app emerged in the App Store called Pulse News. You may have seen write up’s on it across the web. Mashable featured Pulse News along with Flipboard in September 2010. The app which was founded in early 2010 by two Stanford grads is more than just a news reader as it encapsulates social news consumption on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and also Android devices.

With social integration of Facebook and Twitter, it’s actually one of my favorite apps that I get my news from. Well I have good news to add - our blog, BitShare has been officially syndicated by Pulse News as a Featured Search Result.

If you go to Pulse News and search for “Internet”, you will find us - so please go download the app (if you don’t have it already) and add us to your news feeds.

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