Chrome now syncs your extensions, apps and has added profiles

This is a funny story, well mostly for me but i’ll share. I use Chrome daily and for the most part have switched over all my activities to Chrome, although I still enjoy using Firefox from time to time and am a bit forced to use IE to cross-check coding and to see what other users see, since IE is still used globally.

I had been wanting for a bit now, wanting to be able to sync my extensions in Chrome. Previously, you could only sync your bookmarks. I love the syncing feature but it was lacking extensions, apps and other things too.

Ok, now to the the amusing part for me. Yesterday, it came up in a Twitter conversation from TechCrunch ex-writer now columnist MG Siegler that he was experiencing a few problems with Chrome lately, saying it’s getting buggy. For myself, I’ve had issues here or there, but nothing that has been overwhelming. Google’s head of webspam and public facing figure Matt Cutts asked Siegler on Twitter if he had any suggestions/improvements for Chrome that he could pass along. I jumped in the conversation and suggested that Chrome also include extensions in the sync since it’s something I have been wanting. Cutts replied and said he would send the suggestion over to the Chrome team.

Then low and behold today Chrome released their newest beta version (16.0.912.21) which syncs all your Chrome extensions and apps. So for me, it was funny and coincidental to see the new beta release come out since we were just talking about it yesterday.

After installing the new Chrome beta version, you should now be able to sync extensions, apps, settings, everything. You can also create “Profiles” if you have multiple accounts or sharing your computer, as shown below. Just go to Options, Personal Stuff and Add New User. You can also edit the avatar and name which is pretty cool too.

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