The Web 2.0 Summit Interactive Map

Each year at the Web 2.0 Summit, they have a map of online properties, companies and networks where it’s displayed how they share the space on an interactive map. This year’s interactive map includes a new layer of data that adds even more information to the map.

The map seems to be a take on the original XKCD Map of Online Communities but with a broader purpose. The XKCD map took shape and was updated by Flowtown in 2010. The XKCD and Flowtown maps though are only of Social Networks. The Web 2.0 Summit Interactive Map encompasses a lot more online companies and properties including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Clearly in the Web 2.0 Summit map Facebook, Twitter and Google continue to reign supreme and take up a lot of retail space in the world.

The map is a work of art and is beautiful in it’s own right, shown below. Please go to the interactive map to see all the data for the full experience. If you want to watch the Web 2.0 Summit live, you can do so here.

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