Time Magazine dedicates next issue to Steve Jobs

This isn’t the first time Steve Jobs has graced the cover of Time Magazine. It will actually be his 8th time. But this time around as we know, will be different. Time Magazine is actually dedicating 21 pages of their next issue just to the life and time of Steve Jobs.

Time literally had to “stop the presses” as when the news broke about Jobs’ death, the next issue was already completed. So they had to stop the issue and get it ready to add in this new 21 page feature for Steve Jobs. The cover photo taken by photographer Norman Seeff was an impromptu session where it is said that “[Jobs] spontaneously sat down with a Macintosh in his lap.” ┬áTime isn’t the only publisher to pay tribute to Jobs. All over the web people are posting their thoughts, prayers and experiences that they had with Steve Jobs.

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