Geocities saved and preserved into online history

Back when the Internet was exploding in the ‘dot com’ era 12 yrs ago now, one of the explosive pieces was Geocities. Geocities was basically web space where you could obtain and design your own personal websites using the Geocities site builder to literally drag and drop content to your website, publish and have a website up and running in minutes. It was very simple and free.

Geocities was purchased by Yahoo! and turned into Yahoo! Geocities. I actually had a couple of my own Geocities. The one thing I remember best is being so happy I could add content so easily and be able to create my own website on this new thing called the Internet. I enjoyed making wallpaper backgrounds and then fitting my content into certain areas of my website.  I recall using the site builder and making sure the blue boxes didn’t overlap or it wouldn’t work. Then soon after came social.

For me it started with Migente, Xanga and Black Planet which is where I also started self-learning HTML and CSS. Then I moved onto Friendster and Myspace. Then of course Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus. Times are changing and changing fast. Geocities couldn’t keep up and became a thing of the past. In 2009 Yahoo! shut it down completely, wiping Geocities completely off the Internet.

Luckily, the Archive Team made a backup of the site just before it shut down. The result is a 650 Gigabyte bittorrent file of online history. Below is a small video of how it has been visualized.

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