Myspace to make announcement at Advertising Week in October

Shortly after Myspace was sold in June for close to $35 million to Specific Media two things were said: First was that Justin Timberlake would pretty much be the new outward facing public figure for Myspace and would help lead Myspace in a new direction with the spin off of Myspace Music and second was that the new owners would make an official statement of what they plan on doing with Myspace sometime in late summer. This second part has yet to happen.

Apparently it’s taking a lot more work than Specific Media imagined to come up with a new plan on how to make Myspace relevant again (duh, we knew that would happen!).

So the big reveal is actually slated now for October 3rd in NYC at the annual Advertising Week conference which discusses topics such as digital media, marketing and social media with industry leaders. The announcement should come some time during the event made by Tim Vanderhook, CEO, Specific Media and now Myspace. Later that night Justin Timberlake will be headlining the MySpace AMP’d Up Opening Concert.

So October should be interesting to find out what plans Specific Media has for Myspace, but what I have heard so far isn’t anything groundbreaking as Myspace will look to leverage music to get artists back on Myspace for artist and fan destinations and interactions.

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