Social networks you may have never heard of before

Social networks are common place on the web now. There is a divider though from the rich and the poor, naturally of course. Facebook and Twitter; don’t make elite social users laugh. They are too main stream and congested by the ‘poor’. Instead, elitists have their own social networks, places that we may never dream of seeing the insides of or talking to active members.

They are invite only and you must be financially wealthy and connected to join. You see, these social networks are for the uber-rich and I would probably guess uber-snobby too. Except, if I had millions of dollars laying around, who would say I wouldn’t be part of an elite network of socialites myself hobnobbing it up?

Affluence - A private social network. “Facebook for rich people.” You have to have a net worth of at least $1 million or make $200K a year to join. You must meet the financial requirements or be invited by five other members who have qualified based on their finances. Benefits include a 24-hour concierge and assistance service, exclusive product discounts, party invites, and a complimentary subscription to Affluence print magazine.

A Small World - Invitation-only. Must have a bachelor’s degree–or better yet, a masters; being involved in the financial industry; and living in an international city. Users are generally on the younger side of 40 and the majority of them live in Europe. Benefits include invites to partying with models, actors, musicians, and other famous millionaires and billionaires the world over.

Angels Circle - VIP Luxury Social Network. Invite only. Must be rich and powerful. Invitations to join will be subject to evaluation and may not be granted if the individual does not have a similar social position [to others on the network].


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