iPhone 5 coming in October with new design and on the Sprint network

There will be lots of big changes coming to the iPhone world in just a matter of weeks. It’s been confirmed that a new version of the iPhone will be coming out in October. Some argue it will be the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S or maybe two new iPhones, just in time for the holidays of course.

The iPhone will be coming to the Sprint Network in addition to being currently on Verizon and AT&T. AT&T better step up their network or get left behind; can you hear me now?

It’s uncertain currently though if the Sprint iPhone will be LTE capable (able to use voice and data at the same time) or be like Verizon’s iPhone on a CDMA type of network. If not LTE capable then in my opinion AT&T won’t have to worry for now as many (including myself) don’t want to lose voice and data same-time capabilities. ┬áIt’s only a matter of time though before other networks become available or Verizon and/or Sprint catch up, which will eventually happen. Hopefully by then AT&T’s network though will be more stable to handle all the data.

The new iPhone(s) will also carry a brand new design. Some new cases leaked which suggested a larger display. And then new iPhone 5 screen protectors leaked as well showing in more detail that the new iPhone will have a larger display, bigger home button and is supposed to be thinner and lighter.

Images via MacRumors, source

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