Posterous pivots and turns to social networking

Posterous made a big change today for new and existing users of the platform. Before today, Posterous was a direct competitor to Tumblr. Posterous was a simple blogging platform however hasn’t gained a lot of traction in recent months and fell a bit stagnant losing the blogging battle to Tumblr.

As Tumblr continues to succeed with a recent moment of reaching it’s 10 billionth blog post, clearly Posterous is needing to change fast in order to stay afloat. Today Posterous announced Posterous Spaces.

In the change, Posterous is doing away with a straight blogging platform and integrating social networking functions and feel to the site. Existing and new users can still blog, but the course that posts take are a whole new direction. Taking a major queue from Google Plus (which seems to be influenced by Diaspora), users can now post content into specific ‘Spaces’ or circles if you will. Friends, Family, Followers etc. Privacy gets a huge upgrade with Posterous. This is actually something I wish Tumblr had as on occasion, I would like to post an ‘internal’ blog post to my followers but not publicly to the world. I hope this works out for Posterous.

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