Week in Geek Podcast: Why everyone hated this Amazon patent, Seattle’s Airbnb tax, Equifax FAQ

Jeff Bezos
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. (GeekWire File Photo)

Patents are pretty unpopular in the software world, and this week one of the most unpopular patents ever — held by Amazon — expired.

The patent was for the technology that made one-click checkout possible, and on this episode of the Week In Geek, we dig into why it was so unpopular and why patents themselves occupy a controversial place in the tech world.

We also dive into the world of Kubernetes with GeekWire cloud and enterprise editor Tom Krazit. The cloud container orchestration system has become immensely popular for cloud companies and has driven the success of companies like Heptio, a Seattle-based startup run by the two of the inventors of Kubernetes that just raised $25 million. So what exactly is Kubernetes, and why is it important to companies across the spectrum? Tom explains.

Plus, we take a look at the massive Equifax data breach a week after it happened and discuss why the hack was so frightening and what people affected by the hack can do to protect their personal data.

We also take a look at new proposed taxes and regulations for Airbnb and other companies like it in Seattle. Some city leaders are concerned that short-term rentals like Airbnb are taking away valuable housing stock as the city faces an immense affordability crisis.

On the Random Channel this week: Technology from a tech journalist’s perspective, killer algorithms and the weirdness of Amazon’s social media response to its HQ2 campaign.

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