Using flying drones to hack your smartphone data

Security researchers in London have successfully pulled off a hack for a program called “Snoopy,” that controls a flying drone which finds smartphones in any given area and steals it’s data.

According to the researchers, the program utilizes drones to fly over areas and scan for smartphones with open Wi-Fi connections. If they’re found, the program will trick your mobile device into thinking it has joined a trusted network and then will steal all your data, such as usernames, passwords, credit card information, geolocation data, website history, and more.

They are able to do this via the open Wi-Fi connection by performing a Man-in-the-Middle attack. McAfee says that the researchers were able to intercept data exceptionally well. But this hack, although proves the concept, can easily be avoided.

Simply turning off your Wi-Fi roaming feature will close your mobile device off to any would be hackers. If your mobile device Wi-Fi isn’t always open (checking for networks), then it can’t be intercepted. You should also make sure your device doesn’t automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks.