Twitch follows Bob Ross and Power Rangers with Lucha Libre

Twitch announced today that it is going to livestream AAA Lucha Libre’s Triplemania XXV event on August 26. It will broadcast a preshow featuring some of the event’s best moments from the past starting on August 24 at 3 p.m. Pacific.

Triplemania is the biggest show in Mexican professional wrestling of the year. You can think of it as their WrestleMania. The Twitch broadcast will feature commentary in Spanish and English.

Twitch is the most popular site for streaming video games, but it has branched out with non-gaming content before, including marathons of Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and Power Rangers. These events bring publicity to the site and attract fans from outside of gaming.

Twitch noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat that wrestling has become a popular form of content on the site.

“The partnership with AAA Worldwide is the latest in a growing movement of professional wrestling circuits streaming their content on Twitch,” the press release stated. “The trend began when wrestling fans urged their favorite organizations to bring their shows to Twitch. By embracing wrestling, it reflects Twitch’s growing commitment to emerging content that has surfaced from its gaming community.”