Tune launches ‘tunebot,’ a Slack-powered chatbot that answers queries on marketing data

Tunebot, the Tune chatbot tool, lets customers query data through its integration with messaging platform Slack. (Tune Image)

Interpreting data is a hard job, especially when you need answers on the fly.

Tune, the Seattle-based marketing technology company, is hoping to make quick data queries easier for marketers with its new “tunebot,” a data-focused chatbot integrated with messaging platform Slack. The product is also referred to as the Multiverse Slack Bot.

The concept is pretty cool: customers of the Tune Multiverse platform can query their marketing data on Slack with questions like “what’s my return on investment for campaign X?”

The bot will then pop the relevant data, charts and graphs into the Slack chat, drawing from the customer’s Tune Multiverse data set.

Tunebot can pull out specific numbers, like cost per click on Google Adwords, or show data over a period of time, like the number of app installs by day.

It can also do more sophisticated calculations to show data like revenue per impression and return on ad spend, pulling out graphs and charts relevant to the questions being asked.

The point is to make querying data easier for those without expertise in data management and analytics.

“We believe all marketing should be measured and judged on performance. To be most effective, marketers also need access to measurement and performance in different forms, depending on what they need to know,” Tune CEO Peter Hamilton said in a press release. “I’m really excited to see how marketers use tunebot.”