Trump bump? Author of a very different ‘Fire and Fury’ sees uptick in Amazon sales

Same name, different book. (Amazon Images)

Fallout from Michael Wolff’s incendiary Donald Trump tell-all is still unfolding on the American political stage. The drama’s main character, Steve Bannon, was just ousted from Breitbart News for the access he gave Wolff. But offstage, someone unrelated to the campaign is also enjoying a moment in the media spotlight, simply because he wrote a book by the same title a decade ago.

Canadian author Randall Hansen’s “Fire and Fury” climbed several best seller lists on Amazon in the wake of Wolff’s book release. Hansen is a history professor and his book is an account of Allied bombing in World War II from the perspective of German civilians.

Hansen told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation he won’t know exactly how much sales have increased until he receives his royalty check at the end of the month.

“It’s amusing but my sales don’t matter,” he said in the interview. “What I hope will happen is that at a moment when we have this unstable demagogue in the White House threatening war, the people who read my book will reflect on the morality of war and above all, the horrific consequences of war for civilians. And if that happens, this will have not only been fun it will have been worth it.”