This Geeky, custom-built Lego lounge is an architect’s dream

Jeffrey Pelletier in his custom-built Lego lounge his Seattle home. (King 5 Photo)

Jeffrey Pelletier is a superhero of sorts. By day, he’s an architect designing custom homes at Seattle firm Board & Vellum.

But by night, he retreats to his secret lair and transforms into an epic Lego artist.

Pelletier built and designed this “Lego lounge” on his own to give his passion for the building blocks a premanent place in his home.

“I have about a quarter of a million pieces,” Pelletier told Seattle’s King 5. “I had an empty room and thought, ‘I’m an adult, I can have a Lego room.’ And it spiraled out of control since then.”

The Lounge is a Lego lovers dream, with hundreds of thousands of pieces organized in tidy bins. It’s also home to some of his signature Lego creations.

Pelletier uses his architecture skills to design some pretty awesome buildings. (Photo via King 5)

And Pelletier doesn’t stick to just your average Lego sets — he also uses his architecture skills to craft some pretty awesome designs of his own, including a mini model of his own house. It’s in the Lego Lime color, complete with tiny garage and plants in the front yard.

Pelletier with a mini Lego model of his home. (Photo via King 5)

“It was a big commitment to actually go ahead and build this room realizing the fact that Lego is something that I wanted to be a part of my life and also my kids’ life,” Pelletier said.

It’s enough to make geeky parents and kids across the world Lego Lime with envy.