The world’s very first 3D printing pen

The 3Doodler is the first of it’s kind. It’s a pen, but not quite what you are thinking. As you normally would use a pen to write, instead of ink coming out of it you can “write” with plastic, and literally draw in 3D form to create abstract art or even complex designs.

The 3Doodler as the name conveys appears to be so far, nothing more than a doodling or playful tool that is on Kickstarter, which by the way has already raised over $1 million dollars as of this writing. However, with some finite work and probably what is a lot of patience, the possibility to create works of art is there. I just think at this point, it would be too difficult to do which might turn some people off.

I do think this is a breakthrough of sorts, and it’s just the beginning of 3D pens where after future iterations the tasks of “drawing” in 3D will be more refined and in the end much better results. Just like with 3D printing, which seems to be moving along nicely.