The voice behind Apple’s Siri has been revealed

SiriMany people have wondered and asked, is Siri’s voice a man or a woman? It’s hard to say, and it could go either way depending on the person listening to Siri. Apple has always been secretive about it, and other things for that matter, never giving the details on the voice of Siri. That is until now.

It turns out those that thought Siri was a woman, were correct. The Verge published a story about machine language learning, which is very interesting. And in the story, the voice behind Siri is revealed.

Siri, who is really Allison Dufty, pictured inset, is a voice over actress. She works for Nuance, which does voice over work for other companies. In the video below, Allison talks about doing the voice over work, and how she came to be the voice of Siri. She makes her appearance shortly after the three minute marker.