Scientists have developed a way to reverse aging

If this were to actually work, it would be one of the greatest breakthroughs in science history. Scientists recently released findings showing they were able to develop a way to reverse aging.

In the research the scientists performed on mice, they were able to regenerate the muscles back to 6-month old levels. In the report, the scientists say that in the human body, “mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of aging.” And by raising NAD levels in old mice, the scientists were able to restore mitochondrial function to that of a young mouse.

To put it more into perspective for humans, this result was like regenerating the muscles of a 60-year old human to those of a 20-year old. Now, obviously humans and mice have two different sets of DNA. But this research shows that the aging process can be reversed. Surprisingly, human trials are going to start next year.

Maybe in a few years, if you drink some Space Drink, and are able to have your mitochondrial functions improved, you will feel and look much younger. The magic of science!