Prime shape: Buff Bezos flexes his muscles at elite Sun Valley getaway

Maybe Amazon’s signature catchphrase is helping CEO Jeff Bezos stay motivated at the gym. It’s still day one, baby.

Or perhaps he’s been making use of Amazon’s supply of protein powder and knocking back wheat grass shots from Whole Foods. Maybe he’s sticking to a strict regimen of bulletproof coffee and benchpressing interns. Whatever his secret, Bezos is looking jacked.

Buff Bezos was struttin’ his stuff at an invite-only gathering hosted by Allen & Co. in Sun Valley, Idaho this week. The elite guest list also included Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

It may seem like the billionaire tech CEO — who also owns a newspaper and rocketship company because why not — transformed overnight but a peek into the GeekWire archives suggests this may be a more gradual metamorphosis.

Back in 2013, journalist and author of The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, Brad Stone noticed that as Amazon grew, so did Bezos. Stone also had a theory as to why the prolific entrepreneur was hitting the gym.

“I definitely think he’s going to space. I think he wants to,” Stone said. “One sort of interesting physical transformation is that as Amazon has grown, Jeff is in pretty good shape now. He looked a little pasty and rumbled after the 90s, and now he’s clearly working out every day. And the reason I bring that up is that I think he’s in astronaut training.”

Bezos is a huge space nerd and self-proclaimed Trekkie — perhaps one of the few who has his own rocket enterprise to make his space exploration dreams come true. And, as anyone who spent more time with computers and Captain Kirk than other kids knows, peaking later in life is the sweetest revenge.

“I’ll go up in New Shepard for the suborbital mission, then I’ll go into space in our orbital vehicle as well at some point,” Bezos told GeekWire in an interview last year. “I want to go into space, but I want to do it in Blue Origin vehicles.”

Keep at it B, you know better than anyone that gains don’t come easy.