Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon unveils a new evolution, player avatars, and a mystery

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon

Nintendo revealed new details about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon today, the next installments in the hit series. Both games are coming out for the 3DS portable on November 17.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the sequels to Pokémon Sun and Moon, which came out last year and sold over 15.44 million copies. It’s typical for the main series Pokémon games to get updated versions that add new features while mostly using the same monsters and areas, a trend that started with Pokémon Yellow (which followed the original Red and Blue versions of the series).

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon takes place in the same Polynesian-themed Alola region, but it will feature a new story centering on the mysterious Necromza. Players will also have access to new appearance options for their avatars when starting their adventures.

Above: The original avatar options on the left, the Ultra versions are on the right.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

During the game, you’ll acquire a new Z-Power Ring item. In Sun and Moon, the Z-Ring gave you access to special, powerful Pokémon moves. The Z-Power Ring will unlock even more abilities.

The above trailer also shows off a new evolved form for Rockruff. In Sun and Moon, the creature would turn into one of two different versions of Lycanrock — a midday or midnight form — depending on when he evolved. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, he can also transform into a dusk version.