Pilot This Drone Made Out of Pizza Directly Into My Mouth

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a… quadcopter.

YouTubers deDrones, who previously raced drones through abandoned ships and crafted ghost drones, embarked on a cheesy challenge with their latest video: Make a flyable quadcopter out of pizza—sauce, cheese, and all. I’m not sure whether to call the FAA or the FDA on this situation.

Dubbed “El Drone Pizza,” the frame of the quadcopter is built out of a homemade crust, complete with pepperoni and green pepper toppings. The motor, camera, and propellers aren’t edible, but the rest of it is, in theory. The finished dish-slash-drone definitely looks like pizza. It looks pretty gross by actual, good pizza standards, but for a drone, it works.

El Drone Pizza cruises through the air just fine, but loses a lot of its cheese and toppings on takeoff. When the pilot tries to do a barrel roll, the pie can’t handle it. It breaks apart and and eats dirt. Probably for the best—do you really want to eat a pizza that’s been whipping through a field?

Drone hobbyist blog We Talk UV detailed the parts list and ingredients, in case you want to bake your own El Drone Pizza. Or you can keep holding out hope for Domino’s to get its shit together and start delivering pizza by drone. That glorious future needs to hurry up, before anyone makes any more pizzacopters.