Amazon’s ‘Hub’ apartment delivery lockers now available to 500K residents across U.S.

An Amazon Hub package delivery locker in an apartment building in San Francisco. (Trinity Place Photo) Amazon continues to roll out its “Hub” apartment delivery lockers, announcing today that the service is now available to more than 500,000 residents across the U.S. The company launched the initiative last year, giving apartment residents another way to[…]

The Atmosphere of Venus Is So Thick It Pushes On Mountains to Make the Planet Spin Faster

Venus, often regarded as Earth’s twin, is a source of perpetual intrigue for planetary scientists. Although it may once have harbored water on its surface, Venus is now a hell planet with surface temperatures over 800 degrees Fahrenheit, likely due to a runaway greenhouse effect. Its toxic atmosphere contains mysterious dark spots that some scientists[…]

Bevy raises $6.4 million for enterprise community events

Bevy has raised $6.4 million for its enterprise community event platform. The company is helping pioneer a new trend dubbed “customer to customer marketing” that involves prospective and current customers talking to each other. The investment came from Upfront Ventures, author Steve Blank, Qualtrics cofounders Ryan and Jared Smith, and…Read More

Hacked Korean Crypto Exchange Unveils Plan to Restart Service Amid Controversies

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail has unveiled its plan to resume service despite surrounding controversies. The exchange reportedly removed a key part of its terms of service right before it was allegedly hacked, arousing suspicions. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Service Could Resume Around July 15 South Korea’s seventh largest crypto[…]

‘Thor’ star Chris Hemsworth to miss ACE Comic Con in Seattle; two more Avengers called in

Some of the celebrity guests lined up for ACE Comic Con Seattle. (ACE Images) Chris Hemsworth, star of the “Thor” superhero film franchise, won’t be the lead attraction at the upcoming ACE Comic Con in Seattle. Hemsworth tweeted his apologies on Friday, citing last-minute scheduling conflicts that would prevent him from attending the first-ever event[…]

With No One Price Law for Bitcoin, Japan’s FSA Debates Restrictions on Leverage

The different prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies between countries and exchanges have led investors to seek arbitrage opportunities, a trend noticed by financial regulators around the world. Discussions are underway at the Japanese Financial Services Agency on restricting leverage. Also read: This Village Decided to Launch Japan’s First Municipal ICO Value of Bitcoin up 10% After[…]

Baidu Research’s breast cancer detection algorithm outperforms human pathologists

Baidu Research today announced it has developed a deep learning algorithm that in initial tests outperforms human pathologists in its ability to identify breast cancer metastasis. The convolutional neural net was trained by splitting 400 large images into grids of tens of thousands of smaller images, then randomly selecting 200,000 of those smaller…Read More