The smart city revolution will depend on local leadership

GUEST: From autonomous vehicles to automated everything, the pace of smart city technology is accelerating, sparking equal parts enthusiasm and anxiety. Industry and government leaders around the world are looking for guidance as they attempt to navigate the unknowns accompanying these shifts. It turns out that looking inward to the middle of the U.S. may yield some of the greatest insights. Here’s[…]

A peek inside Madrona’s ‘Pioneers’ angel investor group: VC firm creates feeder system to scout startups

Madrona Managing Director S. “Soma” Somasegar. (GeekWire photo) Madrona Venture Group is tapping into one of the most powerful and secretive trends in venture capital — recruiting a group of elite angel investors to join a “scout program” to help find early-stage startups that might otherwise go unnoticed and unfunded. The Seattle-based venture capital firm quietly[…]

CME Group Plans to Launch Bitcoin Futures December 10

Just recently reported on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) planning to launch its bitcoin-based derivatives products this quarter. Now according to CME’s bitcoin futures market specs, the firm plans to launch its derivatives products on December 10 pending regulatory approval. Also read: Troy University’s Malavika Nair Says Bitcoin Is Something Different Than a[…]

Hong Kong Bitcoin Businesses are Frozen Out of Banking

Hong Kong legacy banking outlets are making it difficult, if not impossible, for bitcoin-related businesses to run smoothly. Reports from the Chinese region include denial of accounts, freezing existing accounts, and long waits for approval — all without explicit reason.  Also read: Life After China’s Exchange Ban – an Interview with Hong Kong-based Binance CEO[…]

Markets Update: Traders Seek New Positions Waiting for the Next Price Swings

Bitcoin markets have been hovering around some new price territories recently, as the currency reached a few all-time highs over the past 72-hours. BTC reached a top of $7,997 on the popular exchange Bitstamp, and has come awfully close to $8,000 throughout many other trading platforms. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are steadily waiting for bitcoin to surpass[…]