Is this really a tech ‘tahn’? Pittsburghers talk Seattle, Amazon HQ2, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos

PITTSBURGH — Longtime residents of this city like the idea of Amazon HQ2 in their city, have strong impressions of Seattle, and have a clear preference between Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. As part of our month-long GeekWire HQ2 project, we spent a few hours this weekend in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, a one-time business hub[…]

SK Telecom will demo 5G social VR, self-driving cars, and hologram AI at MWC 2018

South Korea’s largest mobile provider SK Telecom announced today that it will debut “social virtual reality” and multiple 5G demonstrations including “hologram AI” at its 2018 Mobile World Congress booth next week, letting attendees see how high-speed 5G wireless will enable new experiences to become normal parts of their lives. The demos will run from February 26 to March 1 in[…]

5 ways mobile games can avoid a sophomore slump

GUEST: It is hard enough for a game to become a hit in the App Store or Google Play these days; it’s harder still to maintain that success. With today’s steep competition, it’s more challenging than ever for players to find your new game – and those developers lucky enough to survive learn that success[…]

Polish Financial Authorities Paid Youtuber to Smear Cryptocurrency

Polish financial authorities have spent taxpayers’ money on a smear campaign on Youtube and Facebook against investing in cryptocurrencies. While issuing warnings or trying to educate the public against what regulators fear are risky investments are not uncommon around the world, in this case they tried to sway public opinion against crypto assets by paying[…]

How Machinima plotted its strategic rebranding across platforms

Warner Bros.’s digital video site Machinima rebranded this week as it makes a bigger push to expand beyond its YouTube roots to all the new platforms where gamers celebrate their culture. Since Warner Bros. bought Machinima in 2016, the division has shifted away from its traditional network and grown to more than 140 million subscribers for its various shows[…]

Wendy McElroy: Privacy Prevents Violence and Crime

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations. Section 2 : The Moral Imperative of Privacy Chapter 6: Privacy is a Prerequisite of Human Rights by Wendy McElroy (Crypto) Privacy Prevents Violence and Crime (Chapter 6, Segment 1) Unlike the communities traditionally associated with the word “anarchy”, in a crypto-anarchy the government is not temporarily[…]