Osama bin Laden dead, celebration ensues

Last night as I was getting ready for the upcoming week and getting ready to call it a night, I saw breaking news that President Obama would address the nation.  I thought, this must be serious, 10:30pm (EST) on a Sunday night.  Strange.  Maybe it’s about Libya, but thats not breaking enough to happen late on a Sunday.  Speculation started coming in, it’s about national security.  This can’t be good I thought. As time went on, Obama finally came to address the nation somewhere around 11:30pm.

Osama bin Laden is DEAD I heard!  I took to Twitter to see the joyous reactions and the celebratory tweets.  The White House uploaded the press conference video here if you want to watch it.  It’s short and to the point, where Obama expresses gratitude to the great work by U.S. operatives to bring justice to Osama bin Laden.

The traffic on Twitter last night for the Osama news was insane.  I haven’t seen so many trending topics and posts on one single event before.  Venture Beat even stated that the news drove more traffic than the Royal Wedding, which was huge in of itself.  Here is a chart showing the spike in traffic to Twitter.

Twitter Osama bin Laden

There is some raw video that surfaced of the compound where Osama was hiding out showing a fire after the U.S. Special Forces came in and took out Osama.