Nvidia is working on Mac drivers for its Pascal GPUs

Apple has finally (huge emphasis on that) upgraded the specs of its Mac Pro, and now the device will even begin to support some of the most powerful graphics cards in the world.

Nvidia announced today that it is working on drivers to enable its Pascal line of video cards to work with Mac computers. The new drivers will launch this month. Mac owners will have the option to install the impressive GeForce GTX 1080, the recently released 1080 Ti, or the newly announced Titan Xp (or any other 10-series card) into their systems.

“[We’re] making the new Titan Xp open to the Mac community with new Pascal drivers, coming this month,” reads an Nvidia blog post. “For the first time, this gives Mac users access to the immense horsepower delivered by our award-winning Pascal-powered GPUs.”

While this will provide a huge boost to gaming, these kinds of graphics cards will also improve the capabilities of Macs as video- and photo-editing machines. While popular software tools like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere depend heavily on CPU power, those apps are dumping more and more of their computational requirements onto video processors. And having a new Titan Xp with 3,840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz will make editing in those program smoother than ever.

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