Newsweek claims to have found Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto

Today’s bombshell that was dropped on the Internet, especially fans of Bitcoin, is that Newsweek claims to have found The Satoshi Nakamoto. The same Satoshi Nakamoto that founded the highly complex and revolutionary Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

After reading the The Face Behind Bitcoin, I’m dumbfounded. The story clearly shows that in fact Newsweek did find Satoshi Nakamoto. But as the story unravels, you will quickly see that it’s not necessarily, The Satoshi Nakamoto.

It’s important to remember that the article in Newsweek is all circumstantial evidence that the Satoshi they found, real name Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto (pictured inset), is probably not The Satoshi that they want you to believe he is. There are zero facts or pieces of information that undoubtedly points to Dorian being The Satoshi. As far as I can tell, The real Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is probably one of these people – who fit the profile of a cryptographic genius guarding their identity.

The sad part as Newsweek tries to make the pieces of the puzzle fit together, which clearly do not, is that they published Dorian’s name, home city in California, his car license plate information, family names, and past companies he’s worked for. Obviously Newsweek has no moral compass, and is looking for page views, and not thinking about the implications of accusing this person of being the creator of Bitcoin.

What may be the most confusing part of this entire story, is that The Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founding party, is/was an enigmatic, mysterious, anonymous entity. The Satoshi encrypted everything, and did everything possible to remain anonymous, including remaining a mystery to this day. Yet, Dorian Nakamoto, is clearly quite the opposite. Read the story, and judge for yourself.

In my humble opinion, Bitcoin’s founder, The Satoshi Nakamoto, is still out there, watching in awe as the world drools over his brilliance.

UPDATE: The Real Satoshi Nakamoto responds! This is truly unbelievable. The Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator, has come out of hiding to tell the world – he is not Dorian Nakamoto. To know the real Satoshi Nakamoto is still alive is exciting.

Dorian Nakamoto