Myspace has released profile insights to help you gauge site activity

It’s not all too often that you see big things coming from Myspace these days, but I must admit, their latest addition to the newest version of Myspace has me intrigued.

What a better way to engage users on your platform than to add page analytics?

That is what Myspace has done, with Profile Insights. Similar to how it sounds, Myspace Insights is like Facebook Insights, or to the laymen, profile statistics. You can report out on the number of profile views, photo views, music plays, number of connections made and more, during a date-specific time period. It’s a really cool feature, and sure to bring more traffic back to the network.

Here for example is the last 30 days on my Myspace profile. This is just a snapshot, so you’ll have to go to your Myspace profile to view it, for the full experience. It’s also very worth noting, this is Profile analytics, not just Page (or brand page) analytics. So regular users can see these stats too, not just big brands.