Mission Impossible: Operation Geronimo

The story behind the mission to go and get Osama bin Laden has me fascinated.  The Navy Seals unit that went in was well prepared, had planned for the past month and even recreated a model of the bin Laden compound in the U.S. so they could train on exactly on how they will take him out.  Once they got the go ahead from Obama they went in at 1:30am local time in four helicopters carrying SEAL Team Six. They repelled down onto the bin Laden compound and got to work.

In a heated exchange of gunfire they were able to kill bin Laden, taking out the most wanted man in the World in just about 40 mins.  During the operation, one chopper went down because it may have malfunctioned.  It had to be destroyed on site.  The last and most important step of the mission was to bring back bin Laden’s body, which they did successfully so top officials could I.D. him.

The mission recreated shows the Seals repelling down onto the compound and transporting bin Laden’s body out.

Watch exclusive video from ABC showing the blood soaked room where bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals Team Six.

What kind of weapons did the Seals use on this mission?  Check this bad boy out. It’s an MP-7 which is more than likely the weapon used during the operation. Other likely weapons may have been Mk-46’s or Mk-48 lightweight machine guns.  It’s also highly likely that since it was under low moonlight that the team used Thermal Vision Goggles (via).