Minecraft cross-platform beta arrives on Windows and Android

Minecraft is on just about every video game platform, but everyone has had to play walled gardens. The Better Together Update is going to fix that.

That update has gone into beta for the Windows 10 and Android versions of the hit block-building game, with the Xbox One joining the fray “soon.” Minecraft studio Mojang plans to unite players across the PC, console, and mobile versions. The game is one of the most popular ever, selling more than 122 million copies. But those sales have happened across all of those different platforms. This update will make it easier for Minecraft fans to play with their friends.

Well, that is unless those friends are playing on the PlayStation 4. Sony has been against cross-platform play that involves other consoles, and its keeping that stance with Minecraft. Nintendo, meanwhile, is game. The Switch version of Minecraft will support cross-play.

But right now, at least if you’re playing in the beta, Windows 10 and Android users can play Minecraft with each other. You can build castles, chop trees, run from block zombies, and all that fun stuff. And Xbox One players can join them soon.

The Better Together Update is also adding some new features, including stained glass windows, fireworks, customizable banners, jukeboxes, and … dancing parrots.

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