Javascript is the most popular programming language according to new survey


Software resource community Stack Overflow released its annual developer survey this month and results show that JavaScript is the most popular programming language among developers. The 2016 report has more than 50,000 responses from developers in 173 countries.

Javascript scored in with a high 85.3% of users voting as it’s preferred language. SQL followed with 58.9%, C# had 37.3% and PHP had 35.3%. Last on the list was LAMP with 15.6%.

In the report it says more respondents consider themselves Full-stack Developers than any other role. On average, Full-stack developers are comfortable coding with 5 to 6 major languages or frameworks (vs. 4 for everyone else). Executives are comfortable using more languages and frameworks than any other developer occupation, which is most likely a result of having more experience.

There are roughly just as many developers who call themselves Mobile Developers as there are Android Mobile Developers (3% for each). About 2.5% of all developers are iOS Mobile Developers. We received 59 responses from Windows Phone Mobile Developers (.1%).

You can view the full report here which has interesting results pertaining to areas such as occupation, demographics, education, technologies, and so on.