Improperly Installed Ring Cameras Are Catching Fire and Causing Minor Burns

With 23 surveillance doorbells igniting into flames and eight minor burns reported, Amazon’s Ring has issued a recall. 

The second-generation Video Doorbell is the product of concern and over 350,000 units are being recalled in the United States and Canada. Why? The doorbell has a screw loose, so to speak.

Included with the Video Doorbell is a set of sharp, large wood screws meant to fasten a mounting bracket to the wall. The package also comes with a set of smaller security screws used to fix the doorbell itself to the mounting bracket. Problems arise when a consumer mistakenly uses a wood screw to mount the doorbell itself. This can damage the doorbell’s battery and the device may overheat and in some instances ignite. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported 85 total incidents of incorrect screw installation in an advisory issued on Tuesday

Ring is encouraging owners of an affected doorbell to enter their product’s serial number on the company’s website. According to the CPSC notice, Ring’s app can also provide this information. 

Although a recall has technically been issued, consumers aren’t being asked to send their devices back to Ring. Instead, the company is simply updating the doorbell’s instruction manual. There are no reports of these doorbells igniting when properly installed.

It’s unclear when this problem started. In a post from one year ago, a Reddit user claims they heard a “pop” from inside of their Ring device. The camera lens then turned cloudy and the bell didn’t sound, according to the post. They do not note if they used the incorrect screw.  

“The safety of our customers is our top priority,” a Ring spokesperson said in a statement to Motherboard. “We have and continue to work cooperatively with the CPSC on this issue, and have contacted customers who purchased a Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) to ensure they received the updated user manual and follow the device installation instructions.”’

The device can still be found on Amazon and other online retailers for a going price of about $100.