How to Pick a Chastity Cage Lock With a Condom Wrapper

In an especially unique example of physical penetration testing, a YouTuber calling themselves the LockPickingLawyer demonstrated how to pick the lock of a chastity cage, using only a condom wrapper—just in case your keyholder has decided to run off.

Chastity cages—metal devices that lock a penis behind bars, for bondage and torture play—usually have a built-in lock at the base, that keeps the cage secured in place. These locks are fairly simple, and although they will come with their own key, you apparently don’t need a lockpicking kit to break into one. All you need, apparently, is some stiff paper.

LockPickingLawyer, whose channel contains videos of him breaking into a slew of locks of all different shapes, sizes, and configurations, begins by trimming a slice of the wrapper’s edge off, and folds it lengthwise to make it more rigid. From there, he simply holds down the tailpiece of the lock to provide tension, and sticks the wrapper-pick inside, where the key would go. A little jiggle and the lock pops. The trapped penis is, in theory, freed.

“Hopefully some poor imprisoned soul out there will find this information useful,” the LockPickingLawyer says in the video demonstration. If you’ve arrived here from Googling “how to escape a dick lock,” I wish you the best of luck.