Hooray! Twitter triggers are back on IFTTT along with official support

Almost one year ago, one of my favorites tools on the web, IFTTT, was forced to remove Twitter as a trigger on their platform due to Twitter API rule changes (which also upset a lot of other people, products and services). Now, Twitter is back on IFTTT, officially.

If you aren’t familiar, IFTTT (If This Then That) is an amazing service that let’s you set up “triggers” based on web services. When “triggers” are “fired,” it creates an action. Using Twitter as an example, you could set up what IFTTT calls a “recipe,” that would have each new tweet trigger a new Tumblr blog post. There are thousands of potential recipes and triggers possible, with many services (“channels”) that IFTTT works with, which makes IFTTT a powerful platform on the Internet.

I use IFTTT often. If you check my projects page, you’ll see a few projects where I have used IFTTT specifically to create different web projects.

TechCrunch is reporting that Twitter is back on IFTTT, and that IFTTT worked directly with Twitter to persuade them to allow IFTTT to use their API and still comply with the new Twitter rules. The big change from last year to now, is the new Twitter triggers on IFTTT are all triggered by your Twitter account only. New tweets by you, new links by you, new favorites by you, and so on.

I headed on over to my IFTTT account and sure enough, the Twitter trigger is there ready to go. Make sure to check it out!